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These are some drawings I have made.


What kind of life could live in the clouds? | The Japan Times →

I did another illustration for the Japan Times-

it is twee as shit

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not art, sorry- more coming tho

any feminist friends - i have a blog where i smugly point out the problematic nature of 9gag humour.

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i don’t have a desk right now so my dad has been letting me use his studio. i really need to hop on the getting-shit-done train.

i don’t have a desk right now so my dad has been letting me use his studio. 

i really need to hop on the getting-shit-done train.

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Sunday Morning - ink and acrylic

Check out my dad’s work- it is much better than mine. x

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damn guys i honest to god am homeless right now and trying to get more hours at work so i can get together a deposit for what will most likely be a tiny room on the outskirts of brighton.

times are hard and fuck david cameroon

so i’m going to offer commissions to anyone who might want them.

prices start at £20.

I will paint for you

i will collage


spit at a canvas


and send it your way.

please think about it, basic bitches like me gotta have paper.

its what jesus would have wanted

Luv Bambi XOXO

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Prototype for the album is looking super fine.

it helps that the music is also bangin’

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for a band i like.

what a shit week

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my talented friend keira took a photo of me looking like a thoughtful artist.soz this isn’t a drawing.

my talented friend keira took a photo of me looking like a thoughtful artist.
soz this isn’t a drawing.

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i got 22 on flappy bird which i thought was pretty great so i looked up online and it was just 11 year old boys bragging about getting over 200 and it made me never want to play ever again or be good at anything.

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Feed desire with our seductive Valentine's pairings →

My illustration in semi-alright quality on a (genuinely interesting) article in The Japan Times this morning.

It also features on the front page.

its occurred to me that its the only place i’ve ever sold anything or been paid for any work.

bless you, japan x

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i did an illustration for the japan times last year and they must have not hated it because they asked me to do another one.

it’s about sexy food.
what to eat and drink on valentines day in japan. (it’s sake) 

so i drew some creepy children.

i don’t know which i prefer because i a little bit hate both of them. (photoshop is not my bag)

either way- i like the paid work because that’s what life’s all about.


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i don’t usually put personal shit on here, but it’s honest to fuck just occurred to me that it’s my blog and i can write what i like and it’s OK

i was productive art-wise all of yesterday which is legit quite a massive deal for me because suffering with depression can make that total bullshit and impossible to deal with, especially to somebody like me who has zero motivation anyway.
i’m going to give myself a metaphorical medal because i think that’s tight as fuck.

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did a thing for a band whom i love.

the first one is an original draft and the second is tweaked re: band request. 

i dunno if i like the tweaked one as much, but i understand that they wanted it super glam and my natural vibes are pretty murky. 

enjoy, i hope x

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